Compact Bluetooth Speaker


Compact Bluetooth Speaker


Designed by Phil Jones, the esteemed founder of the renowned BASS amplifier brand "PJB", the AU-4 transcends ordinary speakers to become an exquisite artifact of sound design. It harmoniously blends analog warmth with the precision of powerful digital amplification and state-of-the-art DSP technology. A custom 4-inch driver delivers an impressive 35 watts, ensuring every tone is crisp and every detail is clear. Designed for discerning music enthusiasts and professionals alike, the AU-4 redefines audio quality and convenience.



Analog and Digital Harmonized for Ultimate Clarity

With High Bandwidth And Without Any Delay To Ensure True Reproduction Of The Source

The AU-4 boasts a pure analog circuit in its pre-amplification section, allowing for precise, linear adjustments in volume and tone. This fine control ensures you can dial in the perfect sound, from the softest whispers to full, rich tones.
Featuring a high-resolution ADC chip from Texas Instruments, the AU-4 captures expansive frequency ranges and detailed signals at a 96KHz sampling rate. Paired with a Class D TAS5805 amplifier, it delivers crystal-clear, high-resolution audio, ensuring every note is heard in stunning clarity.
Equipped with a sophisticated power system and a DSP-based active crossover, the AU-4 handles dynamic audio effortlessly. Customize your listening experience with the dual-band equalizer, tailoring high and low frequencies to match your personal taste and the acoustics of any environment.

Bluetooth 5.1 aptX™ HD

Equipped with the cutting-edge Qualcomm QCC3031 chipset (Version 5.1), AU-4 offers unparalleled aptX HD codec support. This technology ensures rapid transmission and robust interference resistance, delivering crystal-clear audio that rivals CD quality. Experience wireless audio without compromise, as the AU-4 brings your favorite music to life with stunning clarity and depth.

Versatile Connectivity with AUX and LINE IN

AU-4 features a versatile 3.5mm stereo AUX input, effortlessly accommodating audio signals from a variety of playback devices. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of your favorite music with ease. Additionally, the AU-4's 6.35mm LINE IN input is perfectly suited for amplifying acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and other musical instruments, enhancing your live sound experience with exceptional clarity and richness. Connect and elevate your audio journey with AU-4, where every device links seamlessly.

Customizable Audio Controls

With dedicated dials for bass, treble, and volume, the AU-4 puts you in control of your audio landscape. Adjust the settings to match your mood, enhance your movie nights, or perfect your personal sound during performances.

Proprietary Speaker Technology for Superior Sound

Equipped with an advanced 4-inch full-range speaker that utilizes composite materials, the AU-4 boasts a large 25mm voice coil and ferrite magnets. It features a uniquely designed copper-clad magnetic pole, which is rare and powerful, minimizing distortion and significantly enhancing the frequency response range. Moreover, its rectangular low-frequency passive radiator not only eliminates the common wind noise interference found in traditional inverted speakers but also significantly boosts the bass, providing deep and resonant lows. This speaker doesn’t just play music; it transforms listening into an immersive experience.

Sleek, Portable, and Built to Last

With a lightweight design weighing just 2.5 kg, the AU-4 is easy to place in any space and convenient to carry. It is constructed from high-strength MDF, covered with a professional-grade leather finish typically used in musical instruments, and features an anodized brushed aluminum control panel, finely textured anti-slip aluminum knobs, and a full metal grille. This blend of materials not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures its longevity, making it a perfect companion for both home and travel.

Experience the AU-4

Step into a world where every beat is vibrant and every melody is crystal clear with the AU-4 Compact Bluetooth Speaker, designed not just to play music, but to bring it to life.


  • Amplifier:

    35W DSP Controlled Digital Amplifier

  • Output Power:


  • Speaker Unit:

    1x4 inch proprietary design wide-frequency speaker

  • Inputs:

    LINE IN: 6.35mm stereo input AUX IN: 3.5mm stereo AUX input Bluetooth 5.1 (aptX HD): Bluetooth input

  • Controls:

    AUX/BT/LINE: Input mode selection BASS: Low-frequency adjustment TREBLE: High-frequency adjustment VOLUME: Main volume control

  • Power Input:

    AC 100V-240V

  • Accessories:

    1.8m power cord

  • Dimensions:

    160 × 197 × 200 mm (Width × Depth × Height)

  • Net Weight:

    2.7 kg


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