Silver Reference-1

Compact Bookshelf Speaker

Silver Reference-1

Silver Reference-1

Compact Bookshelf Speaker


The Silver Reference-1(or Silver-1 for short) is a compact bookshelf speaker that is nothing short except for its physical size. Do not be misled by its miniature dimensions. The Silver-1 produces a tremendous sound field with outstanding resolution and imaging, abundant details and breath taking low frequencies that seem almost impossible from a speaker its size. No wonder authoritative audio magazine in theUSthe “STEREOPHILE” chose it as a front cover and called it “to die for sound; real-world price”.

The curved cabinet of the Silver-1 is made of high gloss rosewood veneered 25mm thick MDF. Like a piece of fine furniture, its retro design reflects timeless elegance. US patented “Planar diaphragm high frequency unit” coupled with horn design reaches high notes of 30KHz with ease. This extremely light weight circular tweeter diaphragm gives the speaker the incredible ability of the most realistic audio reproduction and dynamics with no coloration. The mid and low frequency unit is a long throw driver using 5.25” sandwiched structured diaphragm, 30mm diameter large voice coil and double layered Ferrite magnet, which in combination ensure the incomparable dynamics and extended low frequencies of the Silver-1. Highest quality components are used throughout the crossover circuit including temperature tolerant copper inductors, audiophile grade large capacitors and the uncompromised TRANSPARENT internal cable made in theUS.

Horn Loaded Planar Diaphragm Tweeter

The Silver Reference Series speakers use our own US patented horn loaded planar diaphragm tweeter. It is a uniquely designed high frequency unit driven by both Ferrite and Neodymium magnet. Spiral shaped Aluminum voice coil is printed directly on a diaphragm of 0.05mm thin Kapton material, which tightly adheres to the Neodymium magnet. Because of the integral structure of the diaphragm and voice coil, there is no time delay on signal transmission while the speaker is working. Furthermore, inductance on the voice coil is only 1/10 of what it is on conventional dome tweeter. This means less resistance and quicker heat dissipation, which translates into faster response and more dynamics!

The increased acoustic horn load on the diaphragm greatly improves off-axis response, so that the transient response of the speakers is extraordinarily clean. Extremely light mass movement driven by double magnet coupled with the horn structure give the speaker magical high frequency of 30KHz and beyond, displaying intoxicating openness and detailed in music.

5.25” Sandwich-Structured Diaphragm Mid-Woofer

The Silver Reference speakers use 5.25” sandwich-structured diaphragm, long throw mid and low frequency driver. This unique diaphragm material is made of a compressed composite of honeycomb structured substance sandwiched in two layers of fiberglass. Not only this diaphragm is light weight and rigid, it has the abilities of retaining shape, having more shock resistance and cushioning. Thus the diaphragm can work under high sound pressure, absorbing fewer sound waves so that music notes are purer and steadier. The long throw voice coil and extra-large magnet provide ample and constant force so the driver has amazing transient and solid and deep bass.

The attractive curved design of the Silver Reference speaker cabinets has its practical function. Through computer aided calculation and calibration, we found that curves on cabinet can act as a natural diffuser, effectively eliminating the standing waves that add coloration to mid range and blur to bass. Through extensive computer calculation, internal bracing and damping material are strategically placed inside to eliminate cabinet resonance.

High quality crossover components are used throughout crossover of the Silver Reference speakers including low resistance temperature tolerant copper wire inductors, metallized polypropylene XPP capacitors to ensure accurate filtering and minimum loss, and “TRANSPARENT” brand silver wires to ensure the most accurate signal transmission and purest sound quality.

The input terminals of the Silver Reference speakers has bi-wiring capability to allow the independently amplified low and high frequencies, producing the exact type of sound catered to your taste.

A dedicated metal stand SS-01 is also available for the Silver-1. Not only it has the curved profile to complete the look, it helps the placement of the speakers to optimize sound quality.


  • System:

    2 way bookshelf speaker

  • Drivers:

    1x HCT (Helical Conductive Transducer) Tweeter & 1 x 5.25” Honeycomb Cone Woofer

  • Sensitivity:

    85 dB (2.83V/1M)

  • Impedance:

    4 Ohms (compatible with 8 ohm amplifier load)

  • Frequency Response:

    60Hz-40KHz +/-3dB

  • Crossover:

    2.7 KHz

  • Recommended Amplifier Power:

    30~100 Watt

  • Dimensions (WxHxD):

    193x371x360 (mm) 7.6x14.6x14.2 (inch)

  • Finish:

    High gloss rosewood (Veneer)

  • Net Weight:

    10 KG / 22 Lbs


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