How can a PA system be so powerful?

The AIR-PULSE uses exclusive loudspeaker units engineered by Phil Jones to withstand incredible power. The dedicated 10 inch drivers incorporate Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets with such a high intensity magnetic field; they are 25 times more powerful than conventional magnets. Bass is all about moving air. These drivers are coupled to a highly precise acoustic labyrinth to calculate the air velocity and cone excursions exactly, so that the most extended and accurate bass response possible is attained.

The multiple 3.5 inch drivers also utilize Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets. The voice coils are liquid cooled instead of conventional air cooling methods. This said fluid is actually a magnetic liquid held in place by the speaker’s magnets. The result is an increase in up to 10 times the power rating of a speaker in similar size. As they are so many drivers, it is almost impossible to blow them.

How can a PA system be so small?

By using advanced loudspeaker units combined with “LINE ARRAY” technology. The AIR-PULSE systems have the advantage of propagating sound more effectively than conventional designs. Line array systems lose much less sound (over distance) due to the sound wave acting more like a laser beam compared to a flashlight. That means you get more even coverage of sound; the back rows in the audience will hear the SAME sound as the “lucky guys” up front. There is a reason why we chose the sizes of 10 inch and 3.5 inch for loudspeaker units. Over 30 years of research has bought us to bring the most advanced loudspeaker components that are exclusive to the AIR-PULSE system. It was designed to be as unobtrusive as it could get; small size so it unnoticeable and easy to store or transport.

How can a PA system be so portable?

Using high energy magnets on smaller loudspeaker units enabled us to develop truly portable enclosures. Small enclosures also mean less weight to carry. So at the end of the night you won’t hurt picking them up.The LS1800 and LS1200 utilize our proprietary connecters between columns and sub woofers. This makes a more reliable connection and is far quicker to set up with fewer wires to connect up.

How can a PA system sound so good?

Phil Jones has a 30 year track record of building loudspeakers for discriminating users: From Abbey Road recording studios in London to Victor Wooten. Our belief is that all sound should be the best possible fidelity whether it is in the studio or live. Our rigidly braced cabinets are made from high grade Baltic birch and MDF and the components within are the best quality money can buy. We don’t skimp on cheap connectors either (genuine Neutrik from Switzerland) and we even produce our own audiophile grade cables to connect our speakers up to. The AIR-PULSE system produces authoritative, deep bass, articulate mid range and silky smooth highs that blend so seamlessly and natural. When you hear the AIR-PULSE system you will think you are hearing the best hi fi speakers you have ever heard. Really, you are hearing a PA that fills the entire venue with sound so transparent, you may even forget you are hearing speakers at all.


  • Type:

    18 x 3.5" drivers, 3 x 10" woofers

  • Sensitivity:


  • Impedance:

    4 ohm

  • Frequency Response:

    35Hz - 20KHz

  • Power:


  • Size:

    Tower: 5 x 37.4 x 12 inch Subwoofer: 35.2 x 15.2 x 20.7 inch

  • Speakers:

    18 x 3.5" drivers, 3 x 10" woofers

  • Net Weight:

    T:65 lbs/ S: 77 lbs


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